Security Measures at DiaGamers.com

1. Do you employ cheats, bots, hacks, or any illegal software?

Absolutely not! We strictly refrain from using any cheats or hacks to acquire any services.

2. How is my personal information safeguarded?

Rest assured, your private information is securely stored. We never share it with third parties.

3. Is it safe to use my credit card on DiaGamers.com?

Yes! We utilize PayPal for credit card payments, ensuring that all data is securely handled by PayPal and never disclosed to others.

Order Queries

1. I can't find the item I'm looking for. Can I make a request?

Certainly! Custom orders are welcomed. Reach out to us via Livechat 24/7.

2. Are your services legitimate? Will there be any replace if lost?

All of our services are 100% legitimate and won't disappear or be replaced. Ensure to collect them within 5 days from our delivery team.

3. How do I place an order?

- Select desired services
- Click 'Add to Cart' and choose your Game Mode
- Proceed with the checkout with any payment methods of your choice for its convenience and security.

4. How can I check my order status?

Contact us through Livechat for updates.

5. What if Livechat is offline?

Simply email us.

6. Livechat is online but no response?

If not answered within couple minutes, we may be experiencing high traffic. Please wait or email us for assistance.

Leveling Service

1. Can I use my character while you're leveling?

Avoid logging into your account until notified of completion to expedite the process.

2. How do you level up characters?

Real humans play your character, ensuring no cheats or hacks are used.

Payment Inquiries

1. Which payment methods are accepted?

Currently, we accept Paymentwall and Crypto. Ensure your information is up to date to avoid order rejection.

2. Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, various credit cards are accepted.

3. Can I make cash payments?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash payments.

Delivery Process

1. What delivery methods are available?

Primarily, we deliver by Face2Face via chat. Alternatively, contact us for in-game transfers via mail.

2. How long until I receive my servces after payment?

Delivery typically occurs within 1-48 hours. For delays, contact us for updates.

3. It's been over 48 hours, and I haven't received my services.

Contact us via Livechat for assistance.

4. Can you assist with in-game item transfers?

Yes, reach out to us via Livechat or email with your online times, gamename, and password for assistance.

5. The received item doesn't match the picture shown?

Note that pictures are illustrative; item stats are detailed in the description.

Technical Support

1. I'm unable to add services to the cart or checkout?

Contact us for assistance as we may be undergoing website maintenance or experiencing technical issues.

Other Queries

1. Can I work for DiaGamers?

While we're not hiring currently, feel free to email us, and we'll consider your application.

2. Do you buy or trade services?

Unfortunately, we do not buy or trade services.

3. Are there discounts for repeat orders?

Certainly! Higher order amounts qualify for more bonuses.

4. I've forgotten my user account password. How can I log in?

Reset your password here: Password Reset Link