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Smiter for PvP Equipment (High)

Smiter for PvP Equipment (High)

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Resurrected Game Mode

Crown of Ages
Enigma Mage Plate or Enigma Dusk Shroud
Grief Berserker Axe 30-34% IAS & 340-399 Damage
Herald Of Zakarum +180-199% ED
Mara Kaleidoscope +25-29 All Resist
2x Raven Frost +20 Dex & 200+ AR
Verdungos Hearty Cord 15% DR
Dracul's Grasp 10% ll
Gore Rider
Paladin Hellfire Torch 15-19 Stats/15-19 Resists
10 x Pack 20 Life SC (plain)

Call to Arms Flail / Crystal Sword 4-5 BO
Spirit Paladin 25-29% FCR

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